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I have found that my website goes to a 404 error. When I visited the file manager I found no files (where did they go?!). Anyway, I had offline backup so I restored all the files. However, the website still redirects to 404 error.

Please help

Can you please share the IP and the Hosting Volume of your account? They can be found in the client area under “Account Deatails”

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Thanks for your reply
IP Address
Hosting Volume vol1_2

Read About vol1_2 outage

Check your htdocs folder. Because

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Thank you for your reply

I understand now. However, I have re-uploaded all the website files and they are showing in the file manager, but still the website does not open and showing the same error. Any advice?

Thanks for understanding.

Do you have any index file like index.html. index.php home.html, home.php, index1.html etc?

Can you please tell me one of your file name. Like contact.php, service.html etc. It will help us a lot to check why your website showing 404.

Yes, sure!

my homepage is index.php (xyzsecurity.xyz/index.php)


  • Please Check your.htaccess file.

  • Do you have any rewrite rule for HTTP to HTTPS redirection in .htaccess file? Double-check if any mistake.

  • If have .htaccess file then delete your .htaccess file temporarily (make sure you have a backup of .htaccess). and try again

  • Recheck your nameservers.

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Hi Blackzzone
Thanks again for your reply and apologies for the late response.
I have deleted the .htaccess file and I also re-checke that nameservers are indeed ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com.

However, still redirects to 404 error.

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If it still happens, the last option will be to backup all your files and move them to a new account.

Can you show a screenshot of the root directory, and the /htdocs directory?

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Here you go

here you go 2

That is odd. The only other think I can suggest is to delete your domain from the account (not the files), and add it back. That should force an update.

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Looking at your site now: please note @Greenreader9 said to delete the domain from your account and then add it again. Do not leave the domains there and deactivate the account, that won’t do anything.

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Thank you @Greenreader9 and @Admin
I cannot seem to find a way to delete my domain. I only managed to deactivate/re-activate the account and needless to say that did nothing.

So, can you please advise on how to delete the “domain”. Thank you.

In the Addon or sub-domains section of the control panel.

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Thank you for your reply. It took a while to remove the domains/deactivate the account / re-upload the files but it did work (finally!)

Thank you for your help.


Just FYI: you only needed to remove and re-add the domain. Nobody said anything about deactivating accounts. Just remove the domain and add it again. No need to move files and databases.