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I have created an account for my website tpact.in on infinity free, have updated nameservers in my DNS … its been 24 hours still my url gives the same error … kindly help me to resolve this issue at the earliest

Would you mind to let us know your domain so that we could also check it on our end?


DNS cache can take up to 72 hours to expire, depending on various reasons.

Your website is working fine for me now, which means that at some point it will start to work for you as well.

ok will get back on this … thanks a lot

Still issue hasn’t been resolved , don’t know whats causing this … any suggestions ?

The original issue may have been resolved, but I can’t reach your website anymore either right now.

The IP address your website is hosted on seems to be nullrouted. There are various reasons why this could happen, but very often it’s caused by a DDoS attack on the particular IP address.

If so, rest assured that iFastNet’s server admins are already hard at work to try and get the websites on the IP address back online as soon as possible.

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