When I click on “About” in the menu, I get a 404 error

I’ve uploaded my preliminary website which is http://kk9p.rf.gd/Index.html and everything is working except for the About page. When I click on “About” in the menu, I get a 404 error. Same thing when I click directly on the About.html in the directory. I’ve tried deleting and re-uploading the website, as well as checking all the associations, etc., and still get the same error. Any ideas?


everything works for me
page1.html as well as About.html
but that WYSIWYG Web Builder 14 is not the smartest thing

unnecessary ./

it would be best to use all the lower-case names because unix based systems are case-sensitive

if you still have trouble - try to clean the browser cache (CTRL + F5)

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