404 Page Not Found when I click a forum on my page

My IP is but my site have some issues (My Site)
FTP is good, Admin CP is good. Control Panel is good and Home page is good. but when i click a forum in my homepage https://infinityfree.net/errors/404/ displayed. is anyone knows this error. is there something wrong in my end? any help is appreciated. thank you

It seems working fine on my device.
Please clear browser’s cache or use incognito to see the updated website of yours.

Since your IP is not affected and everything works fine, the reason you are seeing a 404 error is either because you have a broken link, or your files are missing.

i already did this. but nothing happened, the error is still there

It is somewhat feels like it’s a permalink issue with the forum software you’re using.

Could you also provide us what forum software you’re using? Please verify that your links are correct and you don’t have broken links just like what @Niekon said.

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i have no idea about this broken link. what would be the reason for this?

Im using myBB with FTP. what would be the reason for the broken link? FTP setup or CP Setup?

Could you check this thread out?

As far as what I know this is related to your problem since your forums and threads redirect to a 404 except for your home page which is working fine.

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