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Hello everyone, please help
i bought a domain and was using it in wordpress (infinityfree) due to some reason i deactivated web host account. started a new host account but i am unable to login wordpress admin. error 404

Pls create another topic for your problem. Dont hijack someone’s topic.


Please don’t hijack someone else’s topic with a vaguely related error. Unless you’re absolutely 100% sure you have the exact same issue, please create a new topic instead.

Since it’s your first post, I split the topic for you. Next time, it will be flagged as off topic and deleted.

As for your question itself, I see you’re using Cloudflare on your site. I just tried to check your site directly on our servers (bypassing Cloudflare) and I saw a WordPress page. Can you please double check your Cloudflare’s DNS settings to make sure that your domain is pointing to the right IP address?

If you’re not comfortable managing your own DNS records, please use our nameservers instead, which we can automatically keep up to date for you.

While bypassing Cloudflare, your site still didn’t work correctly because you’ve used the document root of your website as the website URL in some settings. You’ll want to correct that as well.


i removed my domain from cloudflare and my go daddy dns is pointed towards infinityfree servers. still my domain is not opening. my wp admin is not acessible. i am stuck in this problem from 3-4 days. please help.

Now you either need to install a SSL certificate for your domain on your hosting account, or revert the HTTPS back to HTTP on the wp_options table of your WordPress database, on the siteurl and home option values.


Thanks for replying but still https://www.softtonic.in/wp-admin/ is not working.
i am unable to login in word press otherwise my domain is online now.

Do not use Full Mode from your Cloudflare SSL/TLS dashboard so that you can access your wp-admin.

But if you already use Flexible Mode and you can’t still access the wordpress, then please read this KB article:


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