404 error

Website URL cocopuffwiki.infinityfreeapp.com

(please specify the URL of the site on which you are experiencing the problem)

The requested URL /panel/modules/signout/index.php was not found on this server

Evertime im trying to acess the server i get thjs error 404 message i tried clearing my catch already still didnt work

I can acess the website just fine tho but not the cpanel my account isnt suspended

It’s likely in the process of getting suspended, which is why you’re getting this.


I did nothing wrong

Well, if it turns out you are suspended and this isn’t a glitch, you may wish to have a look here:


Your account was being deactivated. It’s being reactivated right now.

You did nothing wrong, it was is other hosting provider, the one with usernames that start with mseet_ that’s doing it wrong. Any hosting provider can trigger suspensions and mark them as “this is really bad, suspend all related accounts”. And they are setting that flag when you click the deactivate account button with them.


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