404 Error - Files / Domain / DNS seem ok



Error Message

We couldn’t find that page.

Please check to make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly.

This webserver is CaSe SenSiTiVe so ensure capital letters in the URL match the files uploaded.

Other Information

I think my account might have been affected by the recent outage, and temporarily suspended, as when I checked recently, there was no content on the webserver.

I’ve re-uploaded a backup but the 404 page is still displaying.


  1. I believe the files are in the right place - the /htdocs folder in the root of my hosting site.
    With this is my index.html page which should display.
  2. My domain is valid, and the nameservers are pointing correctly at ns1.epizy.com and ns2 (I’ve used the domain checker)
  3. It’s been over 14 days since I did all this, do DNS etc should have propagated?

Please can someone advise what might be wrong and anything else to check?

Can you try clearing your cache and letting me know if that works?

I checked your account. It’s on vol1_2, which did experience data loss, and a lot of stuff seems to have gone missing there.

As for why restoring the backup didn’t work: please note that rebelation.co.uk was added to your account as an addon domain. That means it should point to a directory rebelation.co.uk/htdocs/, not the main htdocs folder.

You can easily recreate those folders yourself, I went ahead and did that for you. If you upload your website backup to that folder, your website should come up again.


Awesome thanks so much for that! I’ll give it go :grinning:

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Working good now, many thanks


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