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How did I get this? I know I didn’t use 50 today yet!

You could of, the like limit for regular users is 100 (i think)

But I thought this was for daily likes? I only gave 39 today, so nowhere near 50 or 100. Whatever, just something weird.

Odd, you get the badge for using 50 likes in a day so :man_shrugging:

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Ah! This is super frustrating!
I got myself a freenom domain and added it to my IF account as a “parked domain” sucessfully. (It loads my site to)

I want to move my WP installation to this freedom domain from my IF sub-domain, just to make sure I can do this.

There is no option to change the URL in Settings → General, so I add the

define( 'WP_HOME', 'http://example.com');
define( 'WP_SITEURL', 'http://example.com');

lines to my wp-config.php file and nothing happens (yes, cache was cleared).

If I go to the PHPMyAdmin and change the database values, the freenom domain will still redirect to the IF subdomain and then show WP like it has no CSS!

How can I change the URL of WP so it works on the new domain?

Because I added the freedom domain as a parked domain and not a addon does not make a differance, right?

Change it through the DB. There should be a table for settings.

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This table? I get the same thing if I go through PHPMyAdmin or MySQL Database.

If I change the site URL, the page still will only show on the original domain, but like it lost its CSS (See above screenshot.)
Am I in the wrong spot?

This link should help…

You just need to export the relevant sql tables.
Use text editor to change all instances of “old domain” to “new domain”

Shouldn’t you use addon domain in this case?

Eh, maybe?

Oh wow, backing up and saving the database, then editing it sounds like a lot! Do you think it would work if I added the freedom domain as a “add on” domain and just changed the two values in the database table (the image with the hi lighted lines above) to the addon domain?

You need to change more than 2 values. In fact you should change all the values that were referring to the old domain

Is this all in that database table, or throughout the entire site?
Sorry, I am just brand new to WP

WP info are mainly stored in database(s)

Ok, I’ll try that tonight. Thanks.

I read the barcode of the banner and the text was The InfinityFree staff loves you thank you <3



Can we know why you flaged posts from @Greenreader9 as well as some of mine as off-topic?

in this topic Refresh Website


i wonder why that ItsGamingTube guy is spamming on the forum.

BTW: i literally chat to him on discord :rofl:


Has not received permission to use any code written by the admin and is now taking revenge


It makes sense in a weird way. But why promote your own site when it has the same issues???