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How can I restart my reset to refresh it and reload changes via ftp?

[server]$ sudo /etc/init.d/nginx stop
[server]$ sudo /etc/init.d/nginx start

I’m joking

Please, can you give us more information on what exactly you want to achieve


Can i restart my server?

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You cannot restart the server because it’s not yours and it has hundreds of thousands of other users

but I’ll try to guess what you want…

You have made some changes to the website and uploaded new versions of some files to the FTP server

but you don’t see the changes ???

This is because your browser keeps old versions in the cache (to make loading go faster).

You can clear the browser cache with CTRL + F5
if that doesn’t help try incognito / private mode


How can I reload my site?

You mean start over? Remove your domains, delete the hosting account, and make a new one! Remember to remove the domain from the first account so it is available to be used on the new one.


Nooo restart the site, why i have changed an image n my site, but the image remains teh old so i want to refresh my site to see the new

Define “Restart” how you are using it. Im confused.

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do you perhaps mean the parts of the site that are on

where is that image that is problematic stored?
can you give us the URL of the image?

I think you just have to do CTRL + F5

if you are on windows or linux

for MAC you need something else


Apple Key + R on mac


So I want simply to refresh my InfinityFree hosting free to

So start from scratch? You need to explain better.

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Any file you upload with FTP is pushed live to your site instantly. There is no server restart or refresh necessary (or possible) to make the changes active.

The most common reason why you would not see the changes is because of caching. This is usually cache in your browser (which you can clear yourself of bypass with Private Browsing or Incognito mode), caching on the website level (most commonly seen if you use something like Cloudflare) or perhaps caching from a web proxy in your network.

I don’t know what site or what changes you are talking about, but I can tell you that all of the above are NOT affected by your hosting account. So you can’t do anything with your hosting account or hosting server to see the latest version of your site.


Ok, thank you very much you always manage to find solutions to my problems, I restarted my PC and solved it. The site works with the new changes @Admin

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