Unable to Install WordPress BackUp Please help me!

I’m happy to share with you I got my Wordpress posts and pages from softaculous backup file.

After Reading the mentioned advice from @KangJL I understand that the importants of DATABASE files.

So I searched and got the SQL file from EXTRACTED SOFTACULOUS subfolder file named SOFTSQL.

But which was containing all the tables in single file but i need only Export the following tables (postmeta, post, termmeta, terms, term-relationships and term_taxonomy) and commentmeta and comments (without this tweak not worked for me )

I make the new exported sql file containing (postmeta, post, termmeta, terms, term-relationships ,term_taxonomy ,commentmeta and comments)
then i added prefix and import.

Finally Its Done !!!

I got my pages and Posts !!! :laughing:

THANKS FOR GIVING IDEA ABOUT THE TWEAK!!! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

THankyou aslo for the reply!!!

Love You!! :star_struck: