Unable to Install WordPress BackUp Please help me!


unable to install WP backup using softaculous

I faced this after IP down Issue

Error Message

DATA BASE file doesnot exits

Other Information

all this issue after ip down
I need my site back pls help me

How did you backup your site to begin with?
If you backed up your files from FTP then it won’t work on Softaculous.


@Admin @Technical.Legendz
Let me Explain without Hiding anything!

Past 45 days I learned from many sources and hosted my WP site with infinityfree!

But today morning I made some changes in REALLY SIMPLE SSL plugin!

After changes made then my site worked 1 hr properly.

Then suddenly my site showes sever down error !

Actully I had not aware of why that error showed up!

So I thought that thats because of the SSL PLUGIN change which I did!

So I tried to fix that after taking Backup in Softaculous (During that time I dnt knw infinityfree not support that type backup)

Then I tried to change MY CLOUDFLARE and stopped that also !

Again same error!

Then I had checked with domain provider and no error from their side!

So I dnt have any other option that deleting that HTTDOCS files as of my knowledge!

So I did that by strongly believe that softaculous backup !

After deleting I installed that backup and which shows error!

So I just try to contact the infinityfree Admin and came to this forum!


I really upset after seen that board mesg!

Without knowing I erased everything!

Then only

Actually I came to know that ftp backup only work with infinityfree after searching !

But in this case Admin only can help me if possible!

I dnt have much knowledge about php and server side issue!

Thats y these happend!

If I design my site again na it will take more 10days as of my working speed and time management!

So kindly help me If possible!

This link shd help…


Thanks for explaining me clearly bro…!!!

Now my problem is I WAS UNINSTALLED WP before exporting the SQL file from phpmyadmin…

NOW I stored SOFTACULOUS backup file only !!

Is there any way to recover database files !!

I got everything except POST and Pages…!!

Please Help me!!

@Admin @KangJL

I’m happy to share with you I got my Wordpress posts and pages from softaculous backup file.

After Reading the mentioned advice from @KangJL I understand that the importants of DATABASE files.

So I searched and got the SQL file from EXTRACTED SOFTACULOUS subfolder file named SOFTSQL.

But which was containing all the tables in single file but i need only Export the following tables (postmeta, post, termmeta, terms, term-relationships and term_taxonomy) and commentmeta and comments (without this tweak not worked for me )

I make the new exported sql file containing (postmeta, post, termmeta, terms, term-relationships ,term_taxonomy ,commentmeta and comments)
then i added prefix and import.

Finally Its Done !!!

I got my pages and Posts !!! :laughing:

THANKS FOR GIVING IDEA ABOUT THE TWEAK!!! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

THankyou aslo for the reply!!!

Love You!! :star_struck:



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