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I’m trying to change nameservers, but receive error from registrar. Later, I sent mail regarding this to registrar, but receive that epizy needs to create a zone file in order for them to change the nameservers. I cant find any subjects for this. Does anyone know how to do it, or if support can help? this is regarding a “.no”- domain, which is only available to purchase by norwegian registrars and for norwegians…

Please also paste a link for where to contact infinityfree support. Im loving the facilities btw!

Are you trying to change the nameservers of

No, Im trying for my own domain:

The answer given by them is wrong…

Can you try again to change your ns.
BTW it must be a problem with the registrar.

still same error:


This is the last mail received. Im not into lots of this vocabulary so, that s why Im hoping to receive a simplified solution. so thx for bearing with me.


.no domains are managed by Norid as a TLD provider (Top level domain). Norid requires that there should be an existing zone for the domain at the name server provider you are trying to change the domain to.
This is not the case with other than .no domains. We have no control over being able to override this and without a functioning zone, it stops with us unfortunately.

It does not take more than that there is a reference in the form of a zone on the database (Name Server) you are trying to connect to.

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Customer service


So the domain can’t be added in this hosting…

Because your registrar queries DNS Records and SOA records in IF’s servers,but the dns records won’t be available in the servers coz the account has not been created yet

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