Zlib Compression Support Error

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Zlib Compression Support Error For Joomla Installation

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I can not install Joomla on my host, please check this problem

Please check this announcement


How long has this problem existed?

Since upgrading to php7.4, they will fix it in while, you should install Joomla manually through Ftp instead


I uploaded the latest version of Joomla from ftp but it does not allow installation

What’s the error log when trying to upload and installing it using FTP?

you can install using softaculous

It’s not the latest version I uploaded the latest version

i messaged you in private :smiley:

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As what Joomla checked there is currently no Zlib compression support since read the announcement @anon19508339 provided above that there is an issue with Zlib meaning you can’t currently install Joomla if it doesn’t let you install it without the Zlib compression module or something.


Merhaba Erfan Desing galiba sende Türk’sün Erfan bana yardımcı olabilirmisin ? php ne demek ? phpyi nasıl yükseltirim ? ( Abort class-pclzip.php : Missing zlib extensions ) hatasını bende almaktayım yardımcı olurmusun ?

Snip: do not speak in a lang other than English: Hello Erfan Design I guess you’re Turkish, Erfan can you help me? What does php mean? how do i upgrade php? (Class-pclzip.php canceled: Missing zlib extensions) I’m all getting it, can you help me?

Hello How can I upgrade php What does php mean ? Can you help

Yes just create a separate topic.


just create a separate topic.

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