Zipping a file in monsta

Can somebody tell me how to zip a file in Monsta file manager ?

Hello there,

In order for you to zip a file(s) in the Monsta FTP file manager, you’ll have to select the file(s) that you would like to compress/zip and then press the “Create Zip Archive” button.

Please take note that the FTP is currently facing an issue so you might not be able to properly Compress file(s). Also the FTP file manager seems to be down and inaccessible as well.


Thanks for replying, But i don’t seem to have that option. please see the Screeshot.

I think you need to select multiple files.

still doesn’t works…

Maybe use FTP software?

can you please explain how to do it using because i have tried with filezilla and i didn’t any option there also used bunch of codes ,nothing works

That’s weird… I’m assuming the Admin disabled compressing/zipping files directly using the File manager.

Also I already searched many things about how to Compress Files via Filezilla to no avail.
If you are just trying to download your whole site, multiple select all the files you want to download and press the download button or you can right click the htdocs folder and press the download button. Or if you’re using Filezilla just copy and paste all your files from the server to your PC.

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Thanks bro, I will try that out

The MonstaFTP installation currently offered has this feature disabled by iFastNet. We operate another MonstaFTP installation on which does have this feature (but has other issues).


Thank you very much admin, for the past 10 hours i was looking for a way to zip files, tried almost everything. finally …

now i am having archived operation time out,is that what you mentioned the other issues?

How big is the archive you’re trying to create? Please note that there are script time limits and file size limits on the file manager. So if you need to make a backup of your full website, you may want to opt for using a desktop file manager and downloading the directory by transferring the files individually.


i want to backup the wp-content folder of wordpress , File property show its size only 4kb but i am sure it must around 100-200 mb and i tried to download using filezilla and hours passed still didn’t complete after a while it started to show a message like “maximum users are already connected” something and then the download was continuously failing

Is there any possible way to increase the script time limit?

Just keep on retrying. Unfortunately ftp service is not 100% stable.


No, you can’t increase the script time limit, either on your hosting account or on our file manager.

Creating large archives from a PHP script is really taxing on a server. If we don’t restrict archive management, then anyone would be able to generate huge archives whenever they want. And since it doesn’t complete instantly, many people would just hammer the archive button, quickly overloading the servers.

So no, if you want to make a backup, you have to transfer the files individually. And yes, this will take time and will cause some transfers to fail. We’re aware of the issues and are working from them. Until then, you can either just keep on retrying or wait until the FTP service has stabilized.


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