ZipArchive extension is NOT installed on my web server!

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Hello, when I enter my website a notice appears saying that the ZipArchive is NOT installed on my website and it remains soft with only the message, recently my website worked and now it does not. My website imports videos from YouTube or similar, therefore, it does not consume resources and does not use zip files or extract them, so I do not understand why it no longer works. :worried:

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happened with me also while I was updating prestashop ecommerce,

I don’t know whats the issue , but I think in my case php doesn’t have ziparchive enabled,

you can check my website out Website

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It is due to an php error, this was happened after the wordpress maintenance and fixed, so I think only ifastnet can fix this, sorry.

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But in my case I don’t use WordPress, I use a Script, the problem is with InfinityFree, I think they deactivated ZipArchive for EVERYONE and that’s why some websites like mine don’t now work, recently my website was working, but now it doesn’t and it only says that ZipArchive is NOT Installed. What now? Is it another method to force us to buy a Hosting? What is the solution?.

Please me!!, help with the Error of ZipArchive.

Is it a Temporary InfinityFree Error?, are they going to Fix ZipArchive?, or have they really Permanently Deactivated ZipArchive to Force Users to Buy a Hosting?, I am still waiting for a Response, I want them to Fix ZipArchive on my Web please. :cold_sweat: :persevere:

No, they haven’t deactivated it to force you to upgrade, they would only dissable it because it provides a security hazard, vis-a-vis maybe being able to override chmod and unzip in someone elses directory. It can’t be fixed, it was disabled for a reason



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I do not think that InfinityFree or iFastNet have forgotten to install it, as I said previously, my website worked perfectly but not now. So you tell me that there is NO Solution, that they have Permanently Deactivated it or is it Temporary?.

There is no way to contact the Admin, he will not let me send him a message, also I see that he takes time WITHOUT responding in this Forum.

Yes, Because Admin (I assume) Has a job apart from this, I don’t think he would get a ‘living wage’ from free hosting, Be patient and remeber that he has a life apart from this.

Same, I get this error too. :confused:

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@unknown_000 @VideojuegosEstudiosC

Take a look at this:


I think that it is indeed a PHP VERSION problem, since in my case that error also came out and I changed the php to version 5.6 and it worked. To do this you go to the domain control panel and at the end of the whole there is an option what PHP VERSION says you give to change php version and download it until it works.


From the Heart thanks for the information, mate. :blush: :heartpulse:


I Change PHP Version to 5.5 and it works for me now (weblive: ), 5.6 didn’t work for me, thanks a lot for the advice.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I need to know how to install extensions to install ZipArchive extension, my website needs it

“ZipArchive extension is NOT installed on your web server !”

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