zip/unzip issue

I am using WordPress as we all are aware the size of plugins/themes are sometimes more then 10 mb which is greater then the server upload limit.
I uploaded the plugins in small zip achieve to the server size(1-3mb zip file, after extraction it will be 5mb)
While extraction online file manager freezes and gives connection timeout error, I used different browser same issue.

Which file manager do you use exactly? We offer three different web based file managers: the control panel file manager (net2ftp), the InfinityFree file manager and MonstaFTP.

Even though the web based file managers are good, they still can’t truly beat desktop FTP clients like FileZilla. The most reliable way to upload archives is still to extract them on your computer and then upload the extracted files with FileZilla.

Agreed that ftp is good and better
1 Plugins/Themes has thousands of file which becomes difficult and time consuming compared to unzipping

I tried MONSTAftp/infinity ftp does not have option to unzip file.

I am not getting option for net2ftp

Web based file managers tend to choke on extracting large archives as well.

Did you know that FTP doesn’t actually provide a way to extract an archive on the FTP server? So any web based file manager which needs to extract a zip file must first download the zip file, extract it on the file manager server and then upload the extracted files. So uploading thousands of files with a web based file manager is just as hard as doing so manually.