Zip File to Big to upload

I try to upload 46mb of zip file. I have to upload as zip file not unzipped and as 1 zip not part by part I read the help center It not helped to me so Is there any solution

Hello there,

One of your option here is to upload your zip file part by part by breaking your one zip file into many zip files since there is no way to be able to upload a file more than 10 mb so you’ll have to break it down to many partitions.

Or follow more solutions from this Knowledge Base article:

Also if this is the article in which it didn’t help you, could you please state out what solution didn’t help?


In that article only solution says upload it part by part however I create a website from local host and get a bacup with duplicator plugin which gives me 1 file called instal.php and [hash code] which I shoul not divide to parts so there is any way to upload that zip to my file server to use install.php?

Thank you for your reply btw

Ohh, do you mean its like a script cause there is an install.php file?

You should upload it using any FTP software.

I always recommend against using backup and migration plugins. While they claim to make everything super easy and one click install, in my experience they tend to break your site in many exciting ways which takes way longer to fix than a normal migration would.

The only method I can recommend is to just move the files and databases as is, without using any fancy plugins:

Note that this is always what WordPress describes in their official documentation:


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