'/?z' 'This will only take a moment. Please wait...' What?

My website URL is: sonicswifty.ml

What I’m seeing is: It gets redirected to http://sonicswifty.ml/?z and says ‘This will only take a moment. Please wait…’ For some reason, the only browser which doesn’t do this (Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium Beta, IE) is the old Microsoft Edge.

I’m using this software: Mobirise, FileZilla, Freenom. Web Browser are Listed Above.

Additional information: Not Really.

Many Thanks!


Did you do this also ?

Add the domain to an existing account

You can also add a domain name to an account which already exist (and was created using another domain name or a free subdomain).

You can add the domain name as a Alias Domain (Parked Domain) or Addon Domain. The Alias Domain section allows you to attach the domain name to an existing website, the Addon Domain section allows you to create a new website for the domain (or upload an existing website). For both domain types, the process is the same.

To add the domain, you need to find the Addon Domain or Alias Domain section in your control panel, enter your own domain name in the field and click Add Domain.

@Oxy It’s been a day or so since. I’ve flushed my dns etc. The Domain is on my account. I added it when I created the website ‘epiz’ account .

Many Thanks.

Okay, it’s probably stuck somewhere on our side :slight_smile:
If this is true - admin will send an inquiry to upstream and probably within 24 hours it should work

Ok, Thanks!
I will check back in 24 hours.
Many Thanks!

It looks like the nameservers are returning a Bodis DNS record for your domain, which it shouldn’t.

Can you please try to remove the domain from this account and then add it again? That might cause the correct DNS records to be sent through the system and applied to your domain.

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