Yourls 403 Forbidden

Has anyone tried installing Yourls on their account. When I did I got a 404 forbidden error. Yourls is a URL shortener if anyone doesn’t know. Please help.

AFAIK you cannot use url shorter software in our hosting due to prevent spam.

and it is 403 forbidden, not 404

No, Yourls works fine for me, check it at , Try reinstalling it from softaculous

I have read the TOS and found that there is no statement regarding the URL shortening service. + I’m not planning to add redirects to any torrent/cracked/malicious website. Please correct me if I’m wrong

then where are u receiving that error?

I created a sample test link to my website ( but if it key it in the Forbidden error comes up


Umm… I couldn’t find YOURLS in softaculous. To my knowledge it is in the CPanel → Softaculous

They seem to have removed it since i installed it.

I believe you can still use it by downloading it from Github.

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Yes that’s what I did in the first place. But it gives an 403 forbidden to me when I go to a shortlink.

I just checked the shortlink you posted and I didn’t get any errors like that. Do you still get a 403 Forbidden error?

Sorry @Admin is not the short link I made. is an example short link that leads to discord login. And yes I will also add a custom short domain later on.

Use instead?

Hmm, I don’t see any obvious reasons why you would get that 403 error. So I’m starting to suspect that @anon19508339’s suggestion was correct.

URL shorteners are banned because they are often used to use our domains and our servers to disguise links to harmful pages. It’s very likely that some components of YOURLS were blocked because of that.


Wouldn’t my installation of YOURLS have been removed then? As mine is working just fine.

Seems like I’ve found the solution myself. I was so SILLY that I didn’t put an https:// at the beginning of the URL’s that I shortened. I’m so sorry for misusing all of your valuable time.


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