Your website is ready - infinity

i have my site on
i have deleted the index2.html file but still i am getting this message ‘your website is ready - infinity’
i am using php file please can you help me out thank you

For me it says Error: No such file or directory try delete your cahe

please what help me out what cahe do i need to delete
can you give me steps please

yes i did that one too now it’s show me the same message that show you
No such file of directory found

Do you uploaded files to htdocs folder?


I suggest to read this article first to fix that database connection error and many others:


one thing i want say
i have no idea about direction but i have done a redirection and removed it ,i sorry
any advice thank you

What script are you using?

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yes…yes thank you very very much, you kind support is highly appreciated, thank you very much again it has a SQL connection error

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Try refresh your webpage for me it works normal

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yes i correct the missing script thank you

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