"Your SSL certificate will expire soon"

The subject of the email that goes out to warn you about expiring SSL certificates says: “will expire soon”

But, that is 30 days away. The certificate is only good for 90 days (?)

So, “soon” is 1/3 of that? I think the word “soon” should be removed from the subject line.

Inside the email it says: " Your free SSL certificate for domainname.com from ZeroSSL will expire in 30 days !"

That is quite a long time. When I got the email it was still a month away. If I have 30 days left on my SSL cert and I renew it immediately, I will only be getting 60 days from each certificate.

If this email was sent to me 7 days before the cert expired, I’d say “Yes, that is soon…”

But, 30 days out is not really “soon”.

Yes, 30 days is “soon” from most web developers perspective (like mine). Of course you don’t actually have to replace it until the dat gets closer, it’s just a notice.

If I remember correctly, you do get another email at 7 days.


A matter of perspective, I suppose. I thought that I was going to have to hurry up and renew it immediately. Then I realized that if I did, I’d be losing 30 days off of a 90 day certificate.

Very true.

If you are using a custom domain and Cloudflare, you can always get a self signed certificate, valid for an entire year.


Self-signed cert is good for 10 years


The official recommendation from Let’s Encrypt is to renew their certificates 30 days before expiration. The main motivation is that the certificates are free anyways, and that 30 days means you have ample time to renew it in case you run into issues and it takes longer.

The “soon” part is indeed a bit misleading. I’m going to change it so it says the number of days instead.


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