Your InfinityFree account has been deleted - reason inactivity


Got an email stating that the site has been deleted automatically because of inactivity, this is not true because i am always working on it. It is still online as i write this but i wish you would not because it is a site due for upgrade soon.


Your InfinityFree account epiz_26453866 (Website for has been deleted .

The account has has been inactive for a while. To make room for new accounts, we automatically deleted inactive accounts after some time.

When your account was deleted, all files, databases, settings and all other contents have been completely and permanently removed from our systems. Any domain names previously assigned to the hosting account have also been removed, and can now be assigned to other hosting accounts again.

Since the account is fully deleted, it cannot be reactivated or backed up anymore.

If you want to host a website with us, please don’t hesitate to create a new hosting account from your client area.

Being inactive means that you have not logged in to Vpanel.
May I know how did you work in your website?(WP?)

Then please take backups immediately!

Just via my wp dashboard, but i did visit the cpanel no more than 2 weeks ago, when i was sent notice that 3 sites had been deleted. I had already deactivated those 3. Signed in just to make sure the only site remaining was still active.

How do i perfom a backup, i don’t see any indication of how to do so…help


How do i do that, i looked on my cpanel did not see anywhere indicating backups and i am not able to download the files on the file manager.

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Use ftp like Filezilla…You have to do manual backup urself


Yes, it is true. It’s true that the account epiz_26453866 has been deleted.

Please note that your account with username epiz_26453866 was deleted. The account epiz_26453866 is the one you deactivated yourself in early August.

But you also still have an account epiz_26454730, which is currently hosting the domain That’s an active account that’s actively being used, so obviously we’re not going to delete it.

Just a pro tip: next time if you deactivate an account, you may want to set the labels of your account so you can easily see which account you’re using and which one you aren’t.

Thank you Admin for your reply. I am aware of the deactivated accounts and the deletion is justified. But i did receive an email stating that epiz_26454730 as in had been deleted and thus my panic mode. I already have an upgraded account with ifastnet from another free hosting site and i will upgrade this account by years end. Thank you very much for your clarification. Stay safe.

Well, it’s definitely not true, and you shouldn’t have received an email like that. When did you get that email?

And note that that’s not the username from your original post.

I received it the same day i initially posted on this forum. I would never make up something like this. I checked my mail box and i happen to have deleted the trash otherwise i would have forwarded the email. As for the username, that is what i got in the email and was suprised to see the site still active…Look i am sorry this all happened and i am glad that the site is still up and running. Thanks

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