Your FTP account quota has been exceeded

account : epiz_33216011
server ip :
Disk Quota: 5120 MB
Disk Space Used: 1 MB
Disk Free: 4752 MB

I am trying to upload 24MB zip file and I keep getting this error.
I tried file manager and also FTP clients.

Max file size is 10 MB.
Extract zip file locally then upload via ftp



I am trying smaller zip file it also wont work, stuck at 50%

Use filezilla?


I was able to upload the zip file, but then I cant extract
basically in short file manager is broken

I even created a new account to check, but same problem

Use any ftp client software and share the error logs if you find!

I uploaded user.php
File transfer successful, but cant see file on server

Either i am too dumb, or there is a problem with file upload

you mentioned this address at the beginning and in your FTP I see this one

there is no app folder either →


I made a new one
for testing

Please extract the zip file on your own machine then upload the resulting files. .zip files don’t work the best here.


please see the screenshot I upload 1 php file. it doesnt work.
can someone please check the problem with file upload? many thanks

The problem is that your files are getting automatically deleted, because you’re not uploading them to the correct destination.

You need to upload your files on your htdocs folder inside the folder.


thanks that explains the problem
I uploaded to htdocs and then renamed the folder.
and everything worked. I was really dumb

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No worries, it happens :slight_smile:
If you face an issue and haven’t checked it out yet, you may wish to take a look at the Knowledge Base, many issues you might face are documented there:


many thanks, but I dont understnad the reason behind the htdocs restriction. if I can rename the folder after that. effectively its the same thing just an extra headache of remaining folder

The restriction (the automatic deletion) is there to prevent people from uploading files to the wrong folder and then wondering why their files aren’t accessible.
The htdocs naming for the folder that houses the website’s content isn’t unusual; most hosting providers have something similar, either htdocs or other names such as public_html or www:

Renaming the folder isn’t possible, I’m afraid, as it would break your site’s configuration.


Hi farhan.rashid,

Most server hosting providers have to store system files besides letting you upload stuff to them, giving you a folder htdocs or anything similar facilitates setting up sync folders in FTP and also making it clear for both you and the admin that this folder contains your stuff. Certain security features to protect your site also need a specific folder to be monitored in order to prevent chaos, for example not allowing code execution in the htdocs folder prevents the server from being remotely hijacked by whoever doesn’t agree with what you say on the web, or just want to post nasty using your website name, etc. You certainly want this folder to be named this way for those to work.

Some hostings would allow you to place personal files that are private and not public, those will live in a folder called private right next to htdocs. However since InfinityFree is a free hosting, you won’t see this option unless you upgrade. Sounds fair to me.



I don’t mean to argue, but I wish you had read my whole post.
The restriction makes no sense if I can rename the folder after upload.

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