Your domain is not yet pointing to and

Hello InfinityFree,
I want to create a account with domain and says

but it look like my domain is corectly configured

Maybe mixing nameservers is causing this issue?


Take note there should be no


Please choose 1 set. Seclect on set from teh list below (So either byet OR epizy) and enter all the nameservers for tat set (So 5 if you choose byet, or 2 if you choose epizy)



Now that you have changed them , you have to wait for DNS propagation. Check back again in 72 hours.

What is DNS propagation

There are some reports that the .ga nameservers are being a bit flaky. So one query might return the right nameservers, whereas the next nameserver might end up with broken data.

Unfortunately, broken registry nameservers is not something we can do anything about. And even if you manage to add the domain to your account, you’ll still have problems accessing it due to these issues.


Freenom are currently having issues

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