Your domain is not yet pointing to and

Hi Good day,

Please help me, I’ve already point my domain nameserver to freenom

Nameserver 1: NS1.EPIZY.COM
Nameserver 2: NS2.EPIZY.COM

for almost 72hrs but still the error is the same ( refer to image below)

Please help me on this concern,

Thank you

Hello there,

Can you provide a screenshot of how you configured your nameservers?

You can try using ns1 - as your nameservers.

Hi Sir please see image below

infinityfree support told me to input ns1 to
if I try this one would it work? thank you

Yea it should work as it points to the same IP address as ns1 and

Use the following respectively:

Oh I see, How long should I wait? is it another 72 hrs sir ?

It takes up to 24-48 hours to fully propagate but it should only take a few hours for it to propagate on your place if you’re close to the UK which the servers are located.

Mostly basing on my experience, everytime I update my DNS, it usually only takes 1-2 hours for my site DNS to propagate in my place even tho I’m far from the UK.

I will try this :slight_smile: Maraming Salamat bro

Hello sir,
I have a problem can please help me.
I want to host my subdomain in infinityfree

Thanking You!

Hi there,

Please create a new topic


try to input the nameserver to your domain and wait for a few hr or up to 72 hrs

Hi, just wanna ask if you are working as an infinityfree expert here?

You’re welcome! Oh so you’re a Filipino also?

No I don’t, this is just voluntary work.

yes bro :slight_smile: kala ko directly expert ka den hehe Thank you again bro

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The domain currently does not seem to have any nameservers in the registry. The WHOIS output does show the nameservers, but the actual nameservers return no results:

Please contact Freenom about this, because this is probably an issue on their end.


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