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Your account was Temporarily Suspended

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I did not do anything bad but my website was closed, exactly the minute I will meet my fans, why this happened / pls open my block
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Why was it suspended? What can I do now?
are all listed in Client Area, go take a look


I think someone has entered too many wrong passwords in my admin panel.


I want my barrier to be opened



probably u use your daily cpu limit or daily hit limit if u are using wordpress add a cache plugin


Hmm you can create a new account

Your account is suspended you should wait

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I understand that everything has limits, everything is not limitless

what is the ep limit

epiz_27496519 why suspend i just install music script buyed on codecanyon reactive account

Check the client area.

Please note that BeMusic doesn’t work here because the developer doesn’t understand how PHP works. And that we don’t allow media hosting/sharing sites.

Again: check the client area.


okay i will delete media sharing soundkit script reactivate acc

Check the client area for info about how to get your account back.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t say “ask on the forum in as many topics as possible”.


Good heavens. Upgrade your account to premium. if it’s too expensive or you don’t have the budget use some other hosting than free hosting which are comparatively cheaper. I know a hosting that offers as cheap as $5 for 1 year. And another one $12 for 1 Year legit. But if you want smooth performance, just upgrade Premium Account here and it will be reactivated as soon as it’s done. :slight_smile:

And Free Account, you will have no choice but to wait out the Suspension time. Regardless you would remove script that caused the suspension or not.


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