Your account was suspended for abuse

In my account, it says like this
Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.

I’m using Wordpress so I can’t do any scam or abuse with it. I want a backup of the website or please reactivate my account so that I can take the backup. I have a lot of posts done there. Please help me out of this situation.

Well your domain name itself is pretty suspicious, so kindly open a ticket in cPanel/CA instead of posting the forums


What do you mean by

Free domain doesn’t mean suspicious. But let it be! never mind!

Can you tell me how to open a ticket in cPanel?, I am sorry if I am judging you wrong, I sometimes think that these kind of named domain names have pirated movie content. :thinking:Srry If I am wrong

No, let it be. Can you tell me that how can I take backup? Please help me out.

Please login to the client area and read it.

This is a community support forum. While I do have some access to the hosting platform, most people here don’t, and I cannot reactivate your account or give you access to your data.

If you want to do anything, including learning why your account was suspended, try to get it reactivated or get backups of the account, you have to create a ticket through the client area.


I did, but there I found that I already submitted a ticket 2 months ago when the same thing happens. And that ticket is still in the queue. Though my account was back within a few days but now again the same issue. So I decided to create the ticket again. But when I click on the button which they give in red color, it got redirected to the old ticket. And there is mentioned that if I reply to the same ticket then the ticket will go back at the end of the queue. And I don’t know how to create a new ticket, because there is no option available.

If there is already an open ticket, you cannot open another ticket. You can just reply to that existing ticket.

And if your request was denied before, then it means your request was denied. You don’t get to request reactivation over and over again by submitting new tickets every time until someone grants your request.

The warning about being moved to the back of the queue is mostly for people who believe it helps them if they bump the ticket every ten minutes (usually with decreasing levels of politeness). If the average waiting time is 30 minutes and they are ordered by date of last reply, then bumping the ticket ever ten minutes means it will never be picked up, which is the exact opposite of what people typically want.


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