Your account was suspended because you hit the RAM limits

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Your account is Temporarily Suspended

Your account was suspended because you hit the RAM limits.

To learn more about the limits, please check the knowledge base articles about the RAM limits.

Accounts that hit a daily limit are suspended for 24 hours. After 24 hours, your account will be reactivated automatically.

Your account will be reactivated automatically in 14 hours from now.

Please take action to ensure you do not hit the limits of your account again. Accounts that keep hitting the daily limits may be terminated.

To increase the limits, please consider upgrading to premium hosting. Premium hosting has much higher limits than free hosting, and hitting these limits will never result in your account getting suspended. iFastNet can even migrate your data from your free account while the account is still suspended!

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My website is down 23 hours a day and every time I get the same message. It stays online for only very short period of time (1hour or so) and therefore there is not much time to fix or monitor. I disabled all the plugins on the website, I downloaded WP Super Cache plugin but nothing works. I suppose the problem is elsewhere, not the website itself? So what should I do? How to monitor RAM usage, how to find out what is wrong with my account if it is always offline?

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For WordPress, delete all plugs you don’t absolutely need. Turn off auto-updates.


Hello! I already turned off ALL the plugins on the website and installed WP Super Cache as it was recommended on various websites. I barely managed to do this in less than 1 hour and then my account was disabled again. Again, RAM limit. I actually managed to check my website in Chrome Developer Tools and neither the network or console tabs displayed any errors or suspicious activity going on. What else could use RAM? What I have read on various websites, there are more server or hosting activities that might be consuming RAM. What should I do next?

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There are various reasons why your RAM usage is high. For example:

  • Your website received a lot of hits, which caused PHP scripts to be executed many times.
  • Your website code requires a lot of memory to generate a response for a request.

I don’t get it. My website is offline (suspended) now, however I still received another warning message through the email.

Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username epiz_32336619 has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.

This limit is reset every day.

The resources that your site has used over 50% on is :

ram warning

How is that possible if my site is offline?

  • Nobody can visit my site at the moment to receive these hits
  • And my website doesn’t even get a chance to run the scripts

What else can be using my RAM?

Don’t do that, caching plugins usually dont work well on free hosting because they use loads of resources, thats probably also a cause for your suspension


Thank you. I will disable it once I get access to the account. Actually I never used cache plugins for this website and the account was suspended two days in a row anyway. That is why I decided to install it.


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