"Your account was suspended because you hit the Entry Process Limits"

But I didnt, and I get Error 502 bad gateway error trying to acces or manage hosting, I didnt do anything weird today just some javascript tests nothing related to php.

Uhmm… What the hell happened xD

It also looks like your daily hits went up a little at the same time as the entry process failure.

What exactly were you doing when testing JS?

A side note: apparently SSH sessions and cron jobs also count toward entry process limits, btw. At least, according to this article.


Was changing some js files that already existed for some days, I just deleted part of them like an part that generate span s on an menu, or either changing texts that javascript shows.
It may be an cause, but actually I may got a lot of daily hits today (day 15 in graph) because I am using cloudflare, and I had to delete cache and refreshed pages some times.Nothing I would say is “worrying”.
I had an cronjob to test how many times cronjob works, but I think I deleted it and if it is not deleted, it is there since a month or so, I will check it tomorrow too.

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A DDoS is not off the table of possibilities:


There is any way to check what files does entry processes comes from?

Not that I know is allowed on Infinityfree, although I bet you can if you have access to the terminal (which you don’t, btw).


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