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even there is no traffic on my website, i was changing my website UI and i got this error :dotted_line_face:

Are you sure? In any case, hits aren’t necessarily related to traffic as you can see from the article. If you have a heavy website, your own requests may have hit the limit.


well, sounds not good but informative, thank you .


As i am using the codeigniter framework for my website that is a online exam system so maybe a bulky site. As one person here told that this is the reason of daily hits limit over.
so can anybody here provide the solution to solve this issue (except buying premium hosting) all suggestions are welcomed.

screenshots of my site metrics:

I merged your topics. You already have a topic about your account reaching the hits limit, so please keep the discussion about that issue in that topic.

Again, if you have follow-up questions, please reply to the message instead of starting a new topic and vaguely reference some other post someone made somewhere.

That seems unlikely to me actually. A bulky application can cause a lot of problems, but reaching the hits limit usually isn’t one of them. Reaching the hits limit is caused by web traffic, which is not a direct result of server side code.

I don’t know what caused the issue here. As you can see by the hits graph, there has been some traffic on your site every day (~10k hits per day it seems). As for why it spiked to 200k+ two days ago, I don’t know.

You could also let it rest for now and just keep an eye on the usage. It may have been a fluke that doesn’t require any urgent action from you.


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