Your account is Temporarily Suspended

My Website URL is

This is my website above

Error Message

Your account is Temporarily Suspended

Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits .
Your account will be reactivated automatically in 21 hours from now.

Other Information

This is my first time encountering this problem, im building a website for my project for my entire class. I just importing a images yesterday, and then today morning it’s suddenly shows the error that my account is temporarily suspended. And Im a bit glad because is it will reactivated automatically within 24hours.

But I just wanna know why am I encoutering this error? and How to not encounter it again?
Do I need just to wait the certain time given right? (Im a bit worried)

Thank youuu very much!

This is not an error, free hosting has limits


Oh thanks! And after the time limit given (24hrs) it will automatically fix right?




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