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I can’t understand why my account is suspended. I’m still creating the site, it doesn’t have many pages and it’s the second time this happens, this time I wasn’t even editing in wordpress. How do I appeal these blocks? My account is free.


Please check the client area for the reason of the suspension.


It informs that it is about the MySQL limit, I didn’t even finish the site and it has few pages, how is it possible that the MYSQL limit has been exceeded? What is this limit? It can’t be so low that it doesn’t support creating a website. And I reiterate, when it was blocked I wasn’t even making edits.

There seems to be an issue with SQL suspensions, but we are still looking for confirmation. Even if you were not editing WP, you could still be suspended because of how the system works. Visitors to your site (including bots) can raise the number of requests as well.


Impossible, I didn’t even divulge the site and I didn’t even put the official address. The only access is editing performed by me.

I have a URL I used only for testing. Nobody knows the URL, and there is no software on it that can give it away. Yet I still end up with at least 10 bots a day. Because you have WordPress, those bots will probably making more requests, trying to hack and gain access to your website. Depending on the bots, they may also sell your URL to other bots as a website that as WP installed.


Sadly, the staff at this hosting could be more transparent about who can and cannot use their service. They don’t have support to question what happened and they don’t have transparency, I don’t know how they want someone to migrate to the paid plan. With this experience I have so far, definitely not.

Technically, there are no staff here. With the exception of Admin, all of use are volunteers. None of us besides Admin have access to the information regarding suspensions.

As for who can use the service, anyone can. The better question is what can be hosted here. This is a free service, you are not paying anything for something that actually does cost money. Because of this, free accounts don’t get lot’s of resources, because someone has to pay for it, and free users are not. Premium hosting can host a WP site easily, because you would be paying the money that is needed for the servers.


I already imagined that, that there is none of them here.

Well, they should be more transparent about what can be hosted here, they probably lost a lot of potential customers for not being clear. Many, like me, must have thought: “if the free is like that, the paid must not be much better, better go to another”.

They could warn you when the service is close to the limit, but they don’t either.

I really appreciate your attention and attempt to support. And I’m so sorry for them.

For certain situations, like processing resources, warning you when you are getting close to the limit allows them to more easily game the system (using trial-and-error), meaning that there could be a lot of malicious people hogging up the resources for no good reason.


For most other limits, you do get a warning. But because SQL hits work differently, and because of the way the system is setup, we cannot warn you when you are about to hit it.


In that case, they will never be able to have a large e-commerce hosted, imagined an operation of millions daily in sales to be suspended. There has to be this warning, even for those who pay for hosting

I am sure they warn for hosting when you get even somewhere close, but I would guess that because the limits are so small, warning at a level where it would be good for them (people can’t game the system) would be too far away from the actual limit, meaning people would get “falsely” notified that they are about to hit a limit.

Either way, admin might be able to shine a light on this subject a bit better than I can.


In short, I’m going to spend another 24 hours doing nothing. Very sad.

Again, thank you very much for your attention friends.

For those who are reading this post and want to host wordpress for free, don’t do that, look for other options, paid or free.

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And why would a sensible person think of hosting such a big business on free servers? As for the warnings, some types of warnings are sent to the registered email. Like “You’ve used up 50% of server resources” (and they unfortunately land up in spam)

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I’ve been using InfinityFree for about a year now and I can say that the free plan can most definitely handle WordPress if optimized well. Heck, my website has both WordPress and MyBB and I don’t get even close to the resource limits (though, that is with little to no users, however I know there are bots that access the website)


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