You own my domain now?

So, I’ve been setting up my website today and wanted to try out my main domain. I didn’t like the config, so I removed it.
Whenever I visit my domain or anything linked to my domain like subdomains .etc, I get taken to or something similar to that where it displays adverts. Cleared Cache on all devices, deactivated and re-activated, didn’t work.
I’m pure raging, I’m in the middle of switching from .tk to .cf to work with your systems and my staff and I now can’t do anything on our staff portal, manage files or visit and manage support tickets.

Honestly, InfinityFree is excellent and does exactly what I need it to do (well apart from email hosting, ImprovMX does that) and I really liked it but this to me sounds like some kind of virus, I’ve read other forum posts and they said it wasn’t so fair enough but please, I need help!!!

Can someone tell me what’s going on?

It takes a bit for DNS propagation, you probably just have to wait.

Wait up to 72 hours. If that doesn’t work then tell us and we’ll try to help.


Yeah, I just read more into it lol. It’s weird as the situation that I’m in isn’t on the situations list. I’ll just wait the next 3 days.

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