You don't have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server



Error Message

( Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.)

I made a subdomain from the list and was trying to redirect it. When I click on Redirect it!. It goes to a page saying I do not have access to that page!

(Please help me to get this solved so that I can use and redirect my domain)

Which URL are you trying to redirect to? It’s possible that the target URL hits a filter of rule somewhere.

this is the link I tried to set on redirect

I did some testing for myself, and from what I can tell, it’s a problem with authentication in the control panel. I’ve asked iFastNet to investigate.


Please let me know when it’s fixed so I can get it worked!

UPDATE : It’s working now!

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Yep, it’s fixed now. Sorry for the delayed response.

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