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I have a Wordpress website (installed by the Softaculous-Apps-installer application) on infinityfree.

And I want to install the Yoast Seo Plugin, however, every time I have to install by wordpress within the infinityfree the plugin does not install and it say that is like “failure”, I have also tried to manually download by zip and uploading.
Site Link: https://theoffsetsmoker.com/

Screenshot from 2021-01-09 15-19-34
I can install it.


I am getting error.


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Whats the error? This can happen if you have used all of your inodes (files)

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What I would suggest is to extract the zip in your local computer and upload plugin folder into wp-content/plugins directory. Then it should appear in Wordpress plugins for you to activate it.

Let me know if that helped and worked


i prefer not using yoast seo because its using soo much cpu your account can be suspended for using your daily cpu limit if you really want to use and if you fix your problem use this setting 1.seo enter your seo on control panel
2.enter to specificationsseo
3.use this settings

i know this because my account got suspended because yoast seo you can say how do you know this plugin do that i know because when i install yoast seo in the same day my account got suspended
have a nice day :slight_smile:

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reinstall wordpress before that, save your content :slight_smile:

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