Yet another problem with my domain name

I recently posting a problem with my second email, xxx
Well that domain name is stucck to a deactivated that I am pretty much so that I removed it from, :anger:

Now, I bought a new domain name, Well I setup cloudfare with it, and just to begin designing it. I met this screen;

I am lost here, pls help me out I have almost my Christmas holiday, trying to set up this thing

No issue



The screen you are seeing is going to be visible for 72 hours or less.
This is due to a thing called DNS propagating. It basically means your DNS server doesn’t know that your website actually exists instead of it being parked to that website.
After some time eventually your DNS server will know that your website does infact exist and it can be visited like a normal page and your files are usable.

Basically, don’t worry, refresh your DNS cache every couple of hours to see if it’s already propagated and if not just keep waiting.

An alternative to checking if the website has DNS propagated, you can visit and see how your website’s doing.

You did not need to mention this as ChrisPar already did:


I see

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