Yet another .htaccess problem

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message is standard infinityFree error message 404

(please share the FULL error message you see)

Other Information

I am new to using .htaccess file and cannot make it work to provide users with an information alternative to the InfinityFree 404 standard message.
I have copied & changed ONE line only in the template file at the site root. Yes, it is in the htdocs folder.
IE ErrorDocument 400
I am looking for a definitive statement that works.
I have tried to exhaustion every combination of URL. Do I need the full URL, what file format is the Error File? Is enabling required to function? I have tested with htaccess_tester.php sucessfully indicates file is available to server. Hope I have addressed correct topic. Thanks for help.

  1. please share your actual site url, it is not as secret as your site password.

  2. IE ErrorDocument 400 should be ErrorDocument 404 error/404.html


Answer 1. I mistakenly assumed that forum was moderated, as ADMIN replied to questions. Point taken.
Answer 2. Regret solution did not work for me. I will try again by developing on it.

…I meant to ask your site url.

This is a community support forum. This isn’t a support ticket system or my personal inbox. Most people looking at your message don’t know anything about your account or website other than what you share.

The forum is moderated, but the moderators are all community members who also don’t have access to the account database.

I do check all messages here, reply to many of them and do have access to the account database, but that doesn’t entitle everyone to always get personal answer from me. Many times, you can get help just as well, and definitely faster, if you also allow other community members to help you.

Because “how to set a custom error page with .htaccess” is something many on this forum have experience with, and who are willing to help you.


Hi BayoDino
Thanks for offer to investigate “page source” of website.
The website is 10years old and obsolete and used as a test site only. It is fully functional. Due to age of the site, the errors are valid, as linked BB site no longer exists.
I am looking for a standard solution to the general problem of using .htaccess files and am grateful for your interest.

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