Yes, the domain is down

A lot of you have already noticed, but the domain is down.

This domain will be unreachable, including all subdomains!

Don’t panic! I’m sure this is just an error in the domain, either its suspended (for some reason?) or the domain’s DNS is experiencing issues.

All other subdomains and custom domains will not be affected by this problem so don’t worry!

What you can do in the meantime:

Even though the domain has gone down, this does not stop you accessing your website’s files. What I suggest you do is make a backup of your files and save them to your computer.

Note that this is free hosting, these domains do go down. What you could do to prevent this in the future is this:

  • Get your own free domain from, its simple and easy to setup.
    This will prevent future subdomain problems, but it also means you can use InfinityFree’s Free SSL Tool.

Hope this helps all the new comers using the subdomain!

Request for @Admin to pin this to stop topic flooding.


… Or use another subdomain (like incase you can’t register a domain in FreeNom


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