Yay website is back

It seems that forum is back :smile:

What was the maintenance for? :thinking:

For System upgrades?
Discourse Upgrades?

Nothing to see !

i think this is the new updation !

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That is not an update.

Once you reach TL2(member ) you will see those notifications

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oooh i see !

I didn’t actually know that…


The Discourse database needed to be upgraded, and there were… complications. The database ended up needing to be rebuilt from a backup. Fortunately, a backup was created just before the upgrade for this reason, so no posts were lost.


Sounds stressful

Glad about that, well done on fixing the form

It was. Especially since the restoration process broke and I ended up having to live hack the Discourse source code to make it work.

:crossed_fingers: that this doesn’t have any lasting damage.


You just used an emoji after more than 1 year :smile:



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