XVHOST Supports Lets Encrypt?

Considering upgrading, since migrating my website seems to put me above the inode limit. However, I would like to know if XVHOST supports Lets Encrypt. The reason I ask is because my website was hosted on prestashop cloud and they forced me to buy a $60 SSL Cert good for a year. However, they shutdown their cloud servers and you can’t migrate SSL certs and no refunds. :neutral: So, I would rather go with a free SSL if I can.


Yes, absolutely. It even has automated Let’s Encrypt installer that does not require you to go through all the complex processes that involve installing your own certificate.

There is a week limit though if not mistaken, 1 week you could do 3 installs, but you wouldn’t have that many subdomains and domains to have to use it so often. So you will be fine and will only have to re-check only twice a year if you need to re-install your certificate, but just like installing a new one it will also take only a minute or two.

And there are lots of other benefits in XVHost, such as ability to change many PHP configuration values that are not allowed to be changed on our free hosting. And some limits are removed too.

In overall by my personal user experience of XVHost I truly recommend it.

Have a nice day!


Awesome :smile: Thanks for your response. It seems that losing hosting was actually a pretty positive thing to happen.