Xtreemhost clash

I used to use Xtreemhost to host my website, I want to use Infinity. I’ve changed my domain’s name servers to the given Infinity name servers however when trying to create my Infinity hosting account it says ‘The selected domain is already in use on xtreemhost.com. Please remove the domain from your account at xtreemhost.com before you can host it on InfinityFree’
However Xtreemhost is no longer accessible (company is no longer reachable)
Please assist!


Do you still know your Xtreemhost username and password? Or at least the username and email address? If so, you can login to your Xtreemhost account on https://cpanel.epizy.com or reset it’s password through https://cpanel.epizy.com/lostpassword.php Since Xtreemhost and we use the same systems, the control panels are shared as well.

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