Xenforo Data Issue

All my xenforo files are working fine except one, which is “emoji.php” located on src/XF/Data. The file keeps on deleting by it self. The file does no harm to infinityfree.

All PHP/HTML files that exceed the limit of 1 KB will be deleted automatically by the software that determines data limits and if exceeds them, deletes the files that cause this problem. If you don’t want limits on uploading/storing files please consider to upgrade your account to iFastNet by selecting your preferred plan and paying what you get per month, example: Super Premium plan costs $3,99 per month and Ultimate Premium plan costs $6,99 per month. It’s better to pick the Super Premium plan, even if it has 250 GB of bandwidth, because doesn’t have limits on the file size and you can migrate your website from InfinityFree to them by opening a ticket that says to migrate your website from the precedent hosting account to them.

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