Hi all,

So I’ve recently bit the bullet and bought myself an iPad Pro, my old Alienware just weighs too much to be portable.

Ive got just about everything I need setup on it (office, AutoCAD etc). But I can’t find a good WYSIWYG HTML editor for it.

I could Remote Desktop to my tower at home and use Expression Web 4 or something similar, but it would be quite nice to find something that will run on the iPad, or alternatively a web based option.

Any suggestions?

Hmm, so you want an ide for your ipad?
I prefer cs50.io(online version)

I use EasyHTML on my iPhone 8. It’s the best free app I’ve seen so far.


Duh now I have another question. I thought it said I can use HTML to format it.

I corrected that now

Good suggestions guys,

However I’m after something a bit closer to front page/expression web, where you can do the majority of the layout etc. Visually and then tweak by editing the html code, rather than a pure code based solution : )

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