Dear Sir,

From last 2 days i am getting mail that Your InfinityFree account epiz_25441055 (techwork.epizy.com) has been temporarily suspended .

Your account exceeded the daily limits of your service. InfinityFree monitors the CPU, memory and hits usage (among others) of your account and temporarily deactivates your website if the limit is hit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically after 24 hours. For more information about why your account is suspended,

but sir main point is that i am not logged in website control panel and visited site, how it can cross my daily limit and suspended

Hello there,

In the Client Area, you should be able to see why your account got suspended and an additional knowledge base article link attached for you to read more about your hosting account’s suspension.

You see it’s not just because you haven’t logged in the Control Panel, if your site is getting too much traffic then your site will be suspended, if your site keeps executing PHP or other codes and will reach some limits then your site will be suspended.


Please note that CPU usage is generated by the traffic on your website, not by whatever you’re doing in the control panel.

So if you’re not access the website, someone else apparently is.


Dear Sir,

who can be ? how i can find that. i was trying to look up in control panel but did not find. can i imagine that my website is hacked my someone ? i am using it on my personal, no body has access of my computer.

What makes you say your website was hacked? Unless you setup IP filtering or password protection for the whole site, anyone can just open it. And if they accessed pages with heavy PHP code, that would count against your CPU usage.

Again, CPU usage is not generated by doing things in the control panel.


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