www. error

Hey my website works correctly without www. example http://domain.com/
but when i do http://www.domain.com/ it dont loads correctly any fix?

I tried with other computers / clearing cookies

What do you see if your website doesn’t load? Do you see any error message? What does it say?

now i have the error on www. and without idk why

its like CSS dont loads you cant register or site blocked, sometimes you cant connect to the website cuz the site is blocked 4ever and when you press unlock it just put a local file and you cant do nothing in it. Also i cant put a SSL certificate it gives me a authentification error and i cant get my SSL code

I’ve checked your site, but I’m redirected to the non-www version of your site whenever I go to the www version of your domain.

This could be due to DNS propagation. DNS propagation is also caused by cache, but it’s cached by your ISP so you can’t clear it yourself.

i desactivated with .htaccess www. it gives more errors but on non www version it stills gives error when for example you are the 1st time on the website
deleting cookies
sometimes i try it in other computer and it dont fix so i need open a link where is the .css file

I tried with a different browser. The www version of your domain was redirected to non-www which is working perfectly.

i use Opera and it gets blocked anytime
i tried with UR Browser, Torch, Vivaldi and Chrome and it gets blocked sometimes or CSS dont loads
but in Opera it gets blocked forever and if you do unblock website when you press f5 it gets blocked or only turns on a local file