WTF?! Suspended, activated for 1hr then suspended again

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What I’m seeing is that we are suspended every Thursday when the CPU limit is deliberately decreased (we are not crossing the CPU limit on other days). Above this shady practice, this time we were activated and after just an hour we were suspended again for no reason. it is impossible to blame this on the CPU limit as we were only given an hour before suspension.

The picture at [A] and [B] clearly shows that the CPU limit has been changing. [B] is shown on the cpanel during the suspension.

The picture at [B] shows the shady and corrupt practice of infinity free. Decreasing the CPU limit deliberately while knowing we are following all the rules and being a great community member. It can also be shown that even after the limit decreased, there was no reason to suspend the site on the 24th to the 25th as the 24th cPU usage shows a lower threshold than that of the (deliberately decreased) CPU limit. Moreover, infinityfree knowing that we are suspended on the 25th suspended us again from 26th to 27th (due to the high threshold shown in the graph on the 25th while site is suspended at that time). How could the CPU limit reach that level while being in suspension? Why is infinityfree doing this? we have been following all the rules and staying within the limits. However We hope infinityfree can fix this problem and activate our account as quickly as possible.

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This picture is more accurate when it describes the issues that infinity is forcing on us even though we are following the rules and are below the CPU LIMIT. we didnt have access to our site on the 25th and now the 26th, so why are they showing such a high CPU usage??? which is the same usage as from the previous month. (shown in the picture) The picture updates also in stage way. why cant infinity free show CPU usage in seperate months rather than have the same picture update on a day basis on the same picture. It shows more shady business models on the part of infinityfree.

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Just to let you know, I’m just as surprised by this as you are. We (InfinityFree) don’t have any intention to make any changes which affect your website without notice. However, most of the free hosting service is maintained by iFastNet, and while they generally do a good job of maintaining the service, communication is not their strong suit.

I sadly don’t have any way to reactivate your account, but these graphs will help me a lot in the communication with iFastNet to figure out what’s going on here.


So ADMIN, what can be done from this?? will this happen again every Thursday? it has happened for the last 4 Thursdays!

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I have no idea, because I have no idea what the underlying issue is, what’s causing/triggering it and if/how/when this can/will be fixed. I’m doing my best to get this solved, but this is not a simple issue.

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