Writing to AVG for all


@chiucs123 thanks

I had to do a similar thing with malwarebytes as they had every free subdomain @ IF reporting as bad !


Hi @lovebug,

The process for AVG isn’t that bad, I just googled their false positive reporting page and this is all I have to fill in, rather easy. It’s hard for antivirus to exclude free hostings in some sense, nor is their responsibility to do it preemptively, as most phishing sites do take advantage of redirections, so using the same behaviour for 404s/403s is completely the same in the application’s eyes.

Having said tho, AVG can’t simply find all free hosting providers and check if they’re compliant, good in nature and have great support in removing phishing sites before compiling their list manually, it’s more a cost-effectiveness issue, so no one should bear the blame here.

Just let them know and they’ll friendly help.



AVG and Avast are the same company (Avast bought AVG), so maybe Avast will also remove the flag.


Hi @Oxy,

They have already whitelisted the domain very quickly after I sent that form, and yes all AVG products will update on this as they share the same database.

This is their reply same date, Fri, 22 Sep 2023 07:19:58 +0000 (GMT), surprisingly efficient given that AVG is free in the first place.



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