Wprdpress not woking

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uztourinfo.ml ’s server IP address could not be found.
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As it says, this domain doesn’t exist, make sure you have typed it correctly.

uztourinfo.ml its my wordpress website domain name

All I see is an expired domain name. It is not related to the hosting. You must contact Freenom for that.


have you changed the nameservers? because this is an ip issue.

@anon19508339 I checked freenom database for the domain name and it is not available that means he or someone else got it. :blush:

That is why i said to contact them instead of RE-ORDERING the domain.


Pls use ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com as nameservers.
Else it will not work


it says this domain doesn’t exist ^


Look at this…


yup, that’s expired.

Thought was due to domain pointing to Freenom nameservers?

freenom is awfully glitchy.

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I agree…

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First of all you must know that, Freenom,com website give you a domain for one year only for free. if you want to cntinue, you should pay for the next year ! otherwise the connection will be interepted (Cancel the domain registration) .
or try to get another domain from freenom.com for free.
I recoment you to buy a best cheapest domain at GoDaddy.com

Domain can still be renewed from what I know…

Yes, i says that !

it can be renewed for free.

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Impossible !

I just renewed 2 mths ago…

did you mean renew or buy ?