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I’m trying to connect my wp site http://wordpressdownload.cu.cc with my faceook app using the Social Network Publisher Plugin (SNAP) (in fact I have used many other plugins) to publish my wp posts to fb page, however, it always get a connection error. I think that there is something in the PHP.ini settings (allow_url_include) which prevent this kind of connections.
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Hello @Don_Elyes. I think it may have been better to ask for help on WordPress forums or send a email to developer who develops that plugin. They will have bigger knowledge about this issue. We can provide hosting-related questions not CMS, PHP script or plugin related help.

Anyways there may be some PHP restrictions on free hosting. If you would like to get better hosting with more features and less restrictions then please try out XVHost Premium Hosting.

I hope that you will be able to solve out your issue.

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I am having a hard time connecting to your website. that could be one of the issues. it may be timing out allot due to a plugin or something on your website. Facebook has the .cu.cc blocked. so you may have to find a way to change the domain to something facebook will allow. facebook allows .tk domains but it seems like the host doesn’t.

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allow_url_include is a way to load in external PHP code through a URL. Using it is bad for both security (the remote content could change to something dangerous) and performance. As far as I know, no public API relies on it and Facebook definitely wouldn’t rely on it because it would mean you could only use their API from PHP.

The first thing you should do is to ensure that you actually understand what this “connection error” means. We could help you with that as well, but we’d need the full error message in order to say anything about it.