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all-in-one-wp-migration WP plugin can not backup my website entirely and stops at 6 percent. If there is an error file I do not know where.

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Hello guys, I want to backup my WP site here, and I installed all-in-one-wp-migration plugin for WordPress. When I try to export the whole site (it is an Astra theme) to my computer (the size is about 180 MB), the download stops at 6 percent.
As you see many had the same problem [All-in-One WP Migration] Support | WordPress.org and the support says you need to ask your hosting/server. Maybe there is a limit for download/backup?! Any better solution to backup everything for my Astra theme (the entire website)? Thank you.

Do not use backup plugin.
It will also easily earn you suspension (due to CPU or IO limits)

Max file size is 10mb so backup will not work here.

Follow this link…

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This is the only officially recommended way to backup your website:

Softaculous backups may work, but are not officially recommended. Use at your own risk.

Thank you.

  1. As you see there is a problem with the connection. First, the size is about 180MB, was it the reason? please see the picture. 2. should I make a folder anywhere on my hard drive then which folder from your server should I drag to my hard drive?!
    Thank you.

No idea, since you did not write clearly

Did you try these?

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It seems I waited a few min after connecting to the server, I did this again and this time immediately I dragged the htdocs folder to my hard drive, this time no error message. it is still downloading. My question is once this is complete, I can always drag the backup folder (htdocs on my hard drive) to htdocs on the server to overwrite the files on the service?!


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Thanks, the admin suggested I use FileZilla, and I used it to backup my WP files inside htdocs, what about the database? I assume I should back up that too? So I can go to PhP my admin and export it (same as going to File manager to download or upload WP files), but can I use FileZilla for that too?! (do not know how to find the SQL directory by Filezilla).

The best way to backup the database is to export it with phpMyAdmin. There are other ways, but they always involve some kind of MySQL backup or management software, you can’t do that with FileZilla.

The database contents itself are stored on the database servers, for which you don’t get file access. And even then, they are special MySQL system files which you can’t just copy to another server to transfer a single database.

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